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Mako and Korra remained pals after the break-up, although he was initially awkward around her. By the top of the collection, they were snug around one another, and Mako informed Korra that he would at all times have her back. After a weekend filled with heated debate, The Legend of Korra co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko took to their personal blogs to clear up the ending of their animated series. They waited a little before commenting, they are saying, to make sure everyone had an opportunity to experience the finale for themselves.

‘legend of korra’ creators affirm homosexual romance between korra and asami

The show began in April 2012 and ended in December 2014; nonetheless, gay marriage in the United States was not legalized till June twenty sixth, 2015. While LGBTQ+ illustration continues to be not the place it must be, it was even scarcer previous to June 2015. In fact, many reveals faced difficulties from networks when trying to incorporate LGBTQ+ couples into their tales. On Twitter, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch was vocal about his experience going through these actual struggles again in 2012.

The ‘avatar’ sequence have been all the time groundbreaking for children’s tv, and the finale of ‘korra is no exception.

What follows, obviously, is a discussion of the ending of The Legend of Korra. If you haven’t watched it and need to remain unspoiled, please proceed with warning. Do you support DiMartino and Bryan’s justification of Korra’s ultimate ‘ship? That’s what Korra and Asami’s sweet, simple hand-holding impressed. The Legend of Korra ended on a small, quiet second that mirrored this couple’s own journey of discovering one another.


Though Korra didn’t like it, they tried to maintain issues quiet for a while. That is till Asami got hurt in battle and her girlfriend could not help but kiss her, in fact. Whether she considered Korra as her lover or her pal, Asami at all times made caring for her a high priority. For a hero who struggles with caring about her personal security, that’s necessary for her to have someone in her life who’s at all times searching for her. Between saving the world multiple occasions, having to heal from mercury poisoning, and all the assorted traumas that got here with that, Korra wanted a trip. After Zhu Li and Varrick’s wedding ceremony, she planned to head into the Spirit World and just explore it for a quick while.


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